Kurzweil ME1 Selected Drumsets Libraries for NI Kontakt

Studio Drums 1&2.nki 10 Mb

Studio Drums 3&4.nki 17 Mb

Ambient Rock Kit.nki 15 Mb

Coliseum kit.nki 15 Mb

Resonsnt Taps.nki 15 Mb

TripKit TrashKit.nki 21 Mb

Beat Box.nki 17 Mb

Electro Kit.nki 15 Mb

Radio Kit Roads.nki 21 Mb

Ripper Kit Vinil.nki 14 Mb

La Drums Brk Kit.nki 16 Mb

Compac n Raw.nki 15 Mb

Tube Traps Lb.nki 9.7 Mb

Acoustic Hip Kit.nki 14 Mb

Dirt Trip Hop Kit.nki 10 Mb

SumPump Kit.nki 9.5 Mb



Kurzweil ME1 Selected Basses for NI Kontakt

Round_And_Wound.zip 49 Mb

Punch_Bass.zip 26 Mb

Two_Fnger_Bass.zip 90 Mb

Dual-tri_Bas.zip 91 Mb

Clav_O_Bass.zip 44 Mb

Fret_Not_Bass.zip 45 Mb

Upright_Bass1.zip 13 Mb

Upright_Bass2.zip 13 Mb

Gimme_The_Finger.zip 44 Mb


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Kurzweil ME1 Selected Drumsets and Basses For NI Kontakt

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