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Welcome to the personal website of composer , sound and electronic engineer Mr.Shanti.
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About the Author.
My main occupations at the moment is a musical project studio and work as an electronic
engineer in
FEB RAS (since 1998). 
Collaborating with the
Primotsky Kray Puppet Theatre as music writer and sound engineer since 1999.
Member of the Authors' Society  since 1999.

One of my favorite sound engineering works - recording of church choral music.
For the period since 2004 was recorded and mixed over a dozen albums in collaboration with the talented
musician and composer Abbot Feofan Ziborov. Recordings were carried out in Vladivostok and Ussuriysk
Orthodox churches.
Also recorded the opera singers , performers author ( bard ) songs , rock bands. Individual musical projects .
Been creating arrangements and backing tracks for singers and instrumentalists.
Other interests: yoga, traveling, biking ..You may contact with me on the Contact Page or by phone:

+7 924 738 54 79

About the Music bench Studio in brief.

MBS is a small personal project studio organized by Mr.Shanti & friends. The simplified structure of the studio's hardware
you can see on thre 'Structure' page. We also have a mobile recording version, based on MacBook laptop with Fireware audio port.

We accept cooperation proposals with theater, film and other creative groups and artists.
Creation of original musical compositions, arrangements, working with authors and performers.
Create backing tracks. We are doing work in different musical styles. You can listen some of our tracks here, on the home page.
You can also find out more music samples to listen in the main menu of the site.


Music Samples:


The Spell (I Wanna Be Free) 
by Mr.Shanti


Choral Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering Sample Tracks.

All Choral music recordings have been performed in the Cathedral, with mobile vertion of the studio.


"Rejoice ..." The choir of St. - Nikolsky Cathedral. Music by Abbot Feofan Ziborov.
Recorded in October, 2008. Albom Track #11 

Psalm 50. The choir of St. - Nikolsky Cathedral. Music by Abbot Feofan Ziborov. Recorded in 2004.


Theatre Music. Music Composing Sample Tracks.
Next tracks was created for different theatre performances.  

Lullaby (written for the play "The Tale of Silly Baby Mouse")

If you can not listen this track, just try it on youtube>>

The theme of "Flight" (written for the play "38 parrots"). Written and rercorded by the Author (Mr. Shanti)


"Chicken Song" (from "Tale of a Silly Baby Mouse" performance). Comic variation on Lensky's aria from Tchaikovsky's opera "Queen of Spades". Genre of the track-   classical opera. Backing track has been written in MusBench studio. Performed by Author (Mr. Shanti).

The "Computer Virus" song . Created for the 2014 Christmas children's performance. 

Fairy tale character - evil computer virus that created various pranks. 
The performance took place at Christmas on a Puppet Theater's small stage . This is the author's version of the song, perfodmed by the composer itself.


 'On the Bridge' scene. Written for the performance 'Puss in Boots.' Performed by actors of Primorsky Puppet Theatre. Music in the style of Satirical Opera.


Vocalists & Groups Recording Samples (Pop/Rock)


Every Breath You Take (remix) Performed by Dean Ashley Rudge & Mickhael Khmelnitsky

Blue Suede Shoes. performed by Denis Davidoff in BSB Club. Live performance.                    

'In The Rain' song by Pavel Rudakov. Pergormed by Dean Ashley Rudge.
The song was arranged and recorded by Mr.Shanti in October, 2013.
On the photo (left to right): Pavel Rudakov, Dean Ashley Rudge and Mr.Shanti



Opera Singers Recording Sample Tracks.

Opera singer Veronika Kasyanova.

Opera singer Dmitry Homsky. Aria Kanio Pagliacci Leoncavallo.



Studio mic pop  filter with shockmount stand
Shock Mount Microphone Stand Holder with Integrated Pop Filter Black color kit.

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